Sun Island Group voices is a service that we can provide to everyone who is looking for helpers during meetings, conferences, fairs, negotiations and simultaneous translations.
we can offer a good selection of people, specialized in languages mediation, able to simplify your staying both for business trip and for entertainment.

Here our services:

  • TRANSCREATION (the transcription, known as “creative translation”, is the localized rewriting about texts for marketing and communication documents, like brochures, public announcements, market researches, questionnaires, promotional texts, but also web sites, with the aim to re create the same message provided by the original language).
  • INTERPRETING ( qualified interpreters, mother tongue and not, for every needs).

        – EVENTS
        – NEGOTIATIONS (The interpreter translates orally, by guaranteeing the comprehension between two or more speakers which talk each other. The translator change language by allowing in a easily way the communication. It could be used in informal situation, mainly for business meetings, technical- commercial type).

         – CHUCHOTAGE (the interpreter whispers to the user ear – chuchoter in French language means to whisper, to talk in a lower voice – in real time, what tell the speaker).
  • ENTOURAGE (fair hostesses, touristic support and assistance, private negotiation). We can provide you interpreters in Italian, English, French, Spanish, Polish, Albanian languages.